Quivi for Linux released

I’ve just released the Linux version of Quivi:

Quivi is an image viewer (specialized for comic/manga reading) for Windows which supports many file formats and compressed (zip, rar) files. It is aimed for fast & easy file browsing with keyboard or mouse.

It was working on Linux for a while, but now it’s “official”. I’ve released a .deb package which was tested on Ubuntu and may work on Debian. There’s also, of course, the source code, which requires some dependencies to be installed. You can grab both at the download page.

Help on packaging is much welcome, since I don’t have any experience releasing stuff for Linux. And please tell me if there is anything wrong with the release.


  1. So I installed Quivi for Linux on my machine. I have the the current version of Ububtu (8.10). The application runs fine, but when I direct Quivi to a directory with images it simply terminates. And this only happens when I open a directory with images.
    On an upside though, when you run the Windows version through Wine on Ubuntu, Quivi works perfectly. lol
    Anyways, I just wanted to tell you. As always great job! I have been using Quivi since the beginning 🙂

  2. Thanks for quick reply. I installed the latest version and it worked! I actually, just recently got a Mac. So if you ever ge around to a Mac port, I’d be mor ethan willing to test it out 🙂

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